Want Better Sex? Because There’s a New School for That.

We could all use a little help in the intimacy department

December 9, 2016 9:00 am

Sex is easy. 

Love … maybe buy a dog. 

Then there’s intimacy.

Intimacy is the hard one. But it’s worth working for, if only for the mind-blowing sex and steadfast love that often accompany it. 

Berkeley’s new Heart Source is the regional HQ for all things intimate — especially (and this, we can say with surety, is rare) for guys.

Here’s what we suggest: reach out to Vivian Lahrs Gesyuk, who runs Heart Source with her husband, Tahil, and sign up for some one-on-one coaching sessions. 

Bring your date. Bring your wife. Bring that dog. Come by your lonesome. Especially if you’re lonesome. 

Single or coupled-up, the Geysuks attack the problem from a whole bunch of different angles, from yoga and movement to something that’ll probably feel a little bit like therapy. (“Face-to-face, heart-to-heart connections,” Vivian says.) 

Interesting fact: Vivian says that they see as many single guys as men in couples. 

And their number-one problem? A lack of self-care. 

(We know what you’re saying : I take care of myself! I’m self-care successful AF!“)

Well, maybe you are. But … maybe not. And maybe you’re just as consumed as we are in what Vivian describes as “the false intimacy of social media and online connection.” 

If you start to tackle the self-care issue, she says, you’ll send a “beacon” to potential mates about your suitability for connection (and sex/love/intimacy). Listen to her talk, and you’ll be as seduced as we were — 20 minutes in and we were ready to sign up ourselves. 

God help us, it’s time to stop thinking about 2016. And instead, about who we want to be in 2017, and beyond. 

Lose weight, work less, spend more time at home — usually our resolutions are roundabout ways for saying “build better relationships with people.” This year, cut out the middlemen and head straight for the source. 

Vivian and Heart Source can get you there, and faster. So check them out. 

Because a dog can do a lot. 

But not everything.


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