Merry Christmas. Here’s a Lady.

Q&A with a real, live American lady

By The Editors
December 25, 2014 9:00 am

Meet print and video model Phoenix Skye 

Instagram: @officialphoenixskye

Hometown: Burbank

Last good movie you saw? I love holiday movies, like a nerd. The GrinchElf … that’s all I’ve been doing lately, watching them on Netflix.

One thing nobody knows about you? I actually love playing video games. I have a PS3, hoping to get a PS4.

If you could meet any historical figure, it would be ______.
This sounds really cheesy, but I’d kind of love to meet Shakespeare. I remember growing up, talking about and deciphering his plays in school. I’d love to know what he really looked like, and what he was like in person on a normal day.  

What are you wearing? I’m laying in bed, so I’m not wearing anything! True story. It’s 11 a.m., and I’m under the blankets with nothing on.

Dream job? Well, I love traveling. If I could travel on my own time, go exploring — not like a tourist — I’d do that.

You love it when a man _________ .
Is a gentleman. When that happens, it captures my attention, puts a smile on my face. A lot of guys, they’ll bump into you, won’t say “excuse me” … it’s so rude!

You love it when a woman _______.
Is nice. It’s kind of hard to find nice girls. Genuinely nice, not catty or mean or malicious or who have ulterior motives. When I find a nice girl, we’re instantly friends.

What’s your worst personal habit? I hate doing dishes. Thank God I live alone! They don’t like each other, dishes and I.

Biggie or Pac? 2Pac. Only because I don’t like fat guys (laughs).

Tarantino or Scorsese? Tarantino. I loved Django — wished I was in that! And I love Kill Bill.

Favorite muppet? Growing up, it was Miss Piggy, but now I think she’s mean. I like Kermit. Oh, and the two old guys [Statler and Waldorf]. They’re hilarious!

What’s your motto? I’m more spiritual than religious. I believe in karma. I truly believe, if I want it, I’ll get it. That’s been fact for me, especially recently.

Phoenix Skye says she’s “easy to love but difficult to know.” She currently works in LA as a fashion model, aspiring singer and video starlet.

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