Your #1 Outdoor Adventure Insurance Policy

Let's stay dry out there.

By Diane Rommel

This Rain Jacket Is Your #1 Outdoor Adventure Insurance Policy
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17 July 2017

For the moment, it's sunny.

We don't trust it.

And there is nothing worse — at least in the realm of outdoor weekend adventure — than the wrong gear in bad conditions. 

Like a nylon shell in a downpour. 

But learn from our mistakes — and let us share the fruit of our research: our must-have jacket for uncooperative weather, guaranteed to keep you dry and un-clammy. 

Welcome, Strathmore

Maybe you're hiking the Scottish lochs this summer. Maybe closer to home. When it rains, you want to be ready — with Swiss-made Schoeller high-performance fabric. 

Let us tell you why it's better than that windbreaker you think will be just fine. 

The Strathmore won't collect heat — that Schoeller fabric comes with a permeable membrane that'll breathe alongside you, meaning cooler, drier skin. 

strathmore (3 images)

Of course it's waterproof. 

And you know you want a piece of that storm hood. 

Plus, that profile means it's equally at home in urban settings (for this, we like the darker, charcoal color.) Perhaps a bar. 

We hope your summer adventures are taking you far and wide this summer. 

Unless you're headed for a desert, pack this. 

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