These Are Your Holiday Season Pants

Spoiler: Elastic waistband

November 29, 2016 9:00 am

True story: midway through Thanksgiving, we undid the top button on our jeans. 

We’re not proud. But we’re not going to beat ourselves up over it, either. The holidays (and the turkey/gravy/stuffing/piecaken) come but once a year. 

That said, there’s a way to get through them in style … and comfort. 

Consider these Japanese-inspired, California-designed pants that will … grow with us over the next few weeks.

Two words: elastic waistband.

The name, in this case, literally says it all: イージーパンツ  —. Or i-ji-pantsu.

Translation? “Easy Pants.” 

They’re the premier menswear offering from new local brand Ijji, which started off with the mission of designing “a pair of pants that anyone could wear and never want to take off.” 

You’ve got two choice: the True Black, and the Natural. Both are garment-dyed trousers made from 100-percent cotton Japanese canvas. 

The fit is loose through the hips but tapers through the legs.

Sounds about right.

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