California Resort Adds Satan's Treehouse to Lodging Options

Sweet dreams

By Diane Rommel

Your Last Decision in Life Will Be Sleeping in This Nest
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20 April 2017

Treebones, the eco-resort in Big Sur, is already the most California of California lodging establishments. Guests have their choice of yurts or cabins, many of which come with a view of the Pacific. There's open-air yoga and a masseuse available for campside appointments. Food is raised and disposed of locally (read: chickens love leftovers). But that thing you see up top? That thing tops it all. 

That is the human nest

The human nest is literally in a category of its own as far as Treetops lodging is concerned. It was designed by local artist Jayson Fann, who is real-deal fascinating: check out more about him here. Fann was interested in the concept of nesting from an early age, and creates his human-sized abodes using indigenous vegetation, with an emphasis on eucalyptus. 

Of course, living in a nest is more of a bird activity than a human one. The latter are advised to bring "pillows, sleeping bags, a flashlight and anything else needed to keep warm." Whether you consider it extreme roughing it — we're thinking of the This American Life story about the guy who decided to live his life like a badger — or a site-specific art piece you can sleep in ... that's up to you. 

Just know that if you need a recess from the nightmarish shelter, this is where you'll be taking your meals:

Sweet dreams.

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