We’re Going to Get This Jacket Even Though It’s About to Be Ubiquitous

Sometimes, you just have to go with a winner.

February 17, 2017 9:00 am

We generally like to think outside of the box. Focus on that one thing everybody else is going to miss. 

Sometimes, though, you have to accept the wisdom of crowds. 

This is the jacket everybody is going to wear this spring. 

Get in early on it. 

It’s the latest from S.F.-based American Giant — you know, the guys behind “the greatest hoodie ever made.” 

There’s a case for similar enthusiasm for their new spring jacket. 

Let’s put to the side, for the moment, their fresh-from-Made-in-the-USA manufacturing anorak, which is cool but doesn’t get our hearts racing. 

For us, it’s all about the Coach’s Jacket.

This is the Eric Taylor of jackets. 

Sublime. Understated. American perfection. 

Between the time we started this post and now, it’s gone on backorder — but only by about a week. Order now and it’ll be yours well before spring. 

Full hearts, people! 

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