The Royal Family’s Tailor Will See You Now

Custom shirt fittings with Prince Charles’s suitsmith

May 6, 2016 9:00 am

Clear your calendars. A rare opportunity is upon us.

On May 10th and 11th, you’ll be taking a private appointment with one of the world’s most masterful tailors.

In anticipation of their second New York opening at Westfield World Trade Center this fall, Turnbull & Asser invites you to consult with Steven Quin, Bespoke Master and Royal Warrant Holder to the HRH Prince of Wales.

That means his shirts are quite literally fit for a (future) king.

And he’s set aside some slots just for you, InsideHook reader.

The fittings will take place at the Penthouse Suite at the Smyth Hotel, and you can book a one-on-one appointment by calling 212-752-5700 or emailing Once inside, Quin will take you through the proper fitting and measurement process and ultimately choose the best collar, cuff, fabric and pattern for your own one-of-a-kind custom shirt.

To wet your chops prior to the big day, we tapped Steven for some cues on picking out the perfect shirt.

What are the telltale signs of a good fit?

A shirt that fits in the broadness of both the back and front shoulders, sits cleanly on the front chest and also fits neatly on the waist. It is difficult to find an off-the-shelf shirt that fits well in all these areas. 

What should men take into account when getting measured?

A Turnbull and Asser bespoke shirt will last for many many years, therefore you should be at steady size and not just embarking on a serious fitness regime or weight-loss program when being measured for bespoke shirts. Also, once you have a good-fitting shirt, the other styling options — like a larger cuff to allow for a watch — can be taken into account, but the fit of the shirt is paramount.

What took you the longest to learn professionally?

The construction of the many different fabrics and their varying qualities.

What is the one solid piece of style advice you stand by?

Wear what you feel comfortable in: for me it’s classic simplicity.

What’s a style trend that went away and should never return?

I look back at photos of when I was young and one that sticks out for me is one of me wearing 20” flares with a high waistband. OK for the ladies but not a good look for men.

What makes Turnbull’s fabric top notch?

The fabrics we use at Turnbull and Asser are all-natural fibers and are woven from the finest of cottons that can be found from around the world. One of our suppliers has purchased cotton fields in Egypt, as this is historically where the best long staple cottons are grown, and the fabric has a natural coolness to the touch — fine but durable, and one of the few fabrics that get better with age. It is one of our most popular cloths. Our exclusive range of fabrics are woven with a reverse twist yarn which gives an even greater durability to the fabric. 

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