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Schoolhouse Rocks

Hillside Schoolhouse is your next Upstate getaway

  • 13 February 2014

We live in the golden age of the Upstate B&B.

On the Hudson, the piney wilds have everything from Airbnb'd stone cottages to HomeAway hardware store lofts.

But dogleg west just a bit, toward the Catskills, and you'll find a more unique retreat overlooking a village: Hillside Schoolhouse, taking reservations now.

Hillside Schoolhouse

Run by two city refugees (she's a marketing exec, he's a woodworker named Bronson), Hillside is a bright lodge of pin-cushion leather couches, industrial steel furniture and heritage bric-a-brac. Hell, there's even a record player with Bruce and Frank's greatest hits. (P.S. Everything in Hillside is for sale.)

Hillside has a full kitchen, but for dinner you'll want to hit Henning's Local in nearby Eldred, where they plate tasty pork chops that're bigger than most weekender bags.

For brunch and ye olde charming Main Street stroll: The Heron in Narrowsburg, where the crispy eggs will do you no wrong.

Hillside Schoolhouse

Oh and just in case you're a shameless glutton like the editor reaching around his belly to type this, save time to hit Barryville's BVH Sports Bar and Liquor Store — a watering hole with all the aesthetic charm of a kaleidoscope, but home to the award-winning Johnny Hotzzz wings. And those are delicious.

Golden age indeed.

Nota bene: Hillside has two private rooms, so it's great for a weekend away with another couple.

The Specifics

Hillside Schoolhouse

Sullivan County
2hr. drive

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