Night Moves

By The Editors
January 24, 2014 9:00 am

Queen of the Night’s much-heralded six week run is nearly sold out. If you’ve been, congrats. If not (and we’re betting not), make it happen. Here’s your guide to an all-out evening. Bonus: there will be no hangover. Guaranteed.

The Prep:

You’re dressin’ fancy tonight. Begin with a trip to recently opened Armoury Hong Kong, where they’re stocking insanely dapper, thoroughly obscure menswear goodies, from Italian “statement” suiting to luxury timepieces to leather bags galore. Plus: enough glossy oxfords to outfit even the most centipedal of collectors. Gear up.

The Main Event:

A gonzo piece of immersive dinner theater chock-full of Fuerza Bruta-ish magic, high-flying trapezery and at least one deflowering, Queen of the Night is the debaucherous brainchild of hotel mogul Aby Rosen, Sleep No More’s Randy Weiner and Simon Hammerstein of The Box. View their technicolor video for a better idea, and feel free to drink up — you’re going to be fine in the A.M., we promise.

The Recovery:

Fear not, whiskey-breathed chum. Just-launched service The IV Doctor will do house calls with (you guessed it) an on-call IV drip full of enough electrolytes and anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory meds to stop even the fiercest hangover in its tracks. All implemented by a bona fide M.D. or registered (and attractive) nurse, available 24/7. “We don’t leave,” they say, “until you feel better.”


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