Stable Full of Porsches in Manhattan Seeks Jockeys

Have new cars. Will accept members.

By The Editors

There’s a Stable Full of Porsches in Manhattan and It’s Looking for Jockeys
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11 April 2016

On April 1st, the NYPD left their home at Hudson River Pier ‘76 and our favorite classic car club moved in.

We thought it was an April Fool’s joke. But it’s legit.

The Classic Car Club Manhattan has officially taken over the Pier 76 stable and has major renovation plans. And in ironic twist, the NYPD horses have moved to the Mercedes Building.

Did we mention they have some new supercars coming in? And are now open to the public for viewing? And — best of all — want some new members?

No joke.

In the dream-granting biz for 11 years now, CCC currently houses 38 supercars, including a Shelby GT350, a ‘66 Ford GT, a gaggle of race-ready 911 GTs and one intoxicating Stingray.

“We’ll always be a private club,” said co-founder Michael Prichinello, “but if you’re a lover of cars the door’s always open. Now, with the new space — including the Hudson River Park waterfront — we definitely feel compelled to invite the public in in a bigger way. More events, exhibitions. There will be educational mechanics classes like (one in which) we’ll take a car and turn it into an electric car.”

The club is bigger and better than ever, with 31-foot-high ceilings, 28,000 square feet of indoor space — compared to the previous locale’s 9,400 — additional parking and a 15,000-square-foot patio.

In addition to public viewings, there will be an full-service cafe in the reclaimed, to-be-renovated parking space, along with kayaks you can use at the adjoining public beach.

But let’s be honest: you want to know how to become a member.

The scoop: members pay $185 in monthly dues and then must purchase points packages that buy driving days in their desired ride. No insurance is necessary. Returning with a full tank of gas, though, is mandatory.

Full disclosure: the membership wait list — given their 88% member retention rate — opens up at a glacial pace. But CCC is currently taking a limited amount of applications for clubhouse members and they’re going fast. Now’s the time fellas. Apply here.

In addition to the keys, members get access to a private lounge, cafe, bar and special events. In the foreseeable future, those benefits may expand to include an on-site pool right on the Hudson, spa amenities like steam rooms and saunas, and even sea planes. Additionally, the club will offer indoor, climate-controlled storage for roughly 20 member cars and an eco-friendly washing station.

If that wasn’t enough to wet the chops, there are some new models comin’ in hot: a Mercedes Benz AMG GT, a Miata MX-5, an Alfa Romeo C4, a McLaren 570S, a vintage E-type Jag, another Tesla S P90D, a load of classic convertibles for summer lovin’ and whatever else catches Prichinello’s eye along the way.

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