It’s ‘Easy Rider’ Meets Yves Saint Laurent

Hopper Goods: NYC Apparel inspired by a counterculture icon

November 10, 2017 9:00 am

From Che Guevara T-shirts to a $375 Barneys “Anarchy” jacket, commodifying counterculture is typically an exercise in the worst kind of taste.

But for once, we’ll allow it.

Made by his daughter Marin, the NY-based Hopper Goods is a line of ultra-fine accessories and apparel inspired by cosmic wildman Dennis Hopper.

From embroidered Stetsons to limited-edition Jacques Marie Mage sunnies to a replica tee from his ‘70s art show at a Taos gallery, the goods can be yours from about $600-$1,000 a pop.

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Agenda aside, the goods reek of A) quality and B) cool, so we dialed Marin to ask her about the collection.

InsideHook: Why Hopper Goods now?
Marin Hopper: “After viewing an exhibition of my father’s photography at the Royal Academy in London, I was inspired to make use of my family legacy to invent something new myself.”

IH: Does Hopper have a style mantra that shines through the line?
MH: “Yes. It’s American, cool and elevated, but still accessible luxury.”

IH: Following the line’s recent JetBlue collaboration, are there any other collabs in the works?
MH: “Yes! We are currently collaborating with Raf Simons and Calvin Klein for an ongoing clothing, accessories and home capsule. More to come!”

IH: Any plans for a brick and mortar?
MH: “Right now, there is a section of my store in New York, Hayward House, that is exclusively dedicated to Hopper.  Eventually, I will open a flagship store in Los Angeles, Hopper House.”

IH: What’s next?
MH: “I’m focused on filling out our core accessories collection (bags, hats, and sunglasses) and our foundational T-shirt collection while adding in new categories: specifically denim and jackets.

IH: Will you ever do a motorcycle? (Please do a motorcycle.)
MH: Great idea!

Should you be in NYC, the Americana riot line is available at Marin Hopper’s Upper East Side brownstone and online right here. There’s also a new documentary about the man himself,  Along for the Ride.

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