An NYC Beermonger Names the 9 Best Beers for Fall (And Why)

We visited the experts at Brooklyn Brew Shop for their 10th anniversary

October 17, 2019 9:29 am
An NYC Beermonger Names the 9 Best Beers for Fall (And Why)

Pairing beer with fall: file under no-brainer. But the market for artisanal suds — especially in and around New York City — is at best vast and at worst so overwhelming that you’d just as soon give up and buy a case of Stella.

Don’t do that. Instead, navigate those hoppy waters with the guidance of Stephen Valand and Erica Shea from the Brooklyn Brew Shop, just now celebrating their 10th anniversary in the beer biz. Hot off the tail of a collaboration with Queens-by-way-of-Copenhagen brewery Mikkeller (and the attendant release of a Beer Geek Breakfast Stout DIY beer brewing kit), we caught up with the duo to give us their top nine for leaf-changin’ season, and why. 

And, yes — you can drink beer for breakfast.

Erica Shea and Stephen Valand of Brooklyn Brew Shop

Mikkeller: Beer Geek Breakfast Stout

“Our absolute favorite autumn beer. It’s a massive stout that’s a little sweet and filled with coffee. You can actually make it at home with our new Mikkeller collaboration Beer Making Kit. We’ll be pouring homemade versions of this beer at every gathering from Thanksgiving through New Year’s.”

Burial Brewing: Imperial Donut Stout

“Who doesn’t want a donut this time of year? Especially one you can literally drink.”

Sloop Brewing: Super Soft IPA

“A gentle break form all the super malty beers you’ll be drinking all season long.”

Alarmist Brewing: Le Jus

“Award-winning New England IPA that we would firmly embrace any time of year.”

Weihenstephaner: Vitus

“Traditional hefeweizen turned way up to its malty max.”

Von Trapp Brewing: Oktoberfest Lager

“Really easy small-batch Vermont beer for all the leaf-peeping you’ll be doing this autumn.”

Schlenkerla: Rauchbier

“The original smoked beer. The perfect complement to your sweater that still smells like a campfire.”

Folksbier: Echo Maker Rye

“Small-batch, big flavor porter from one of Brooklyn’s newest breweries.”

Cascade Brewing: Kriek

“Cherry-filled sour from Portland, OR reminds you of distant memories of when you could still wear a T-shirt outside.”


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