This Printer Will Change Your Office Forever

Paper waste goes in. Fresh paper comes out.

By The Editors

This Printer Will Change Your Office Forever
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03 December 2015

Fact: 4.5 million tons of office paper is thrown away every year.

In other words, the world’s paper supply is getting reamed by … uh, reams.

Says paper giant Epson: enough is enough. The Japanese company just unveiled Paper Lab, the world’s first recycling system that takes scrap paper and transforms it into new paper — all on-site, in your office.

The new Epson PaperLabChanging the paper cycle.1:16

Here’s why Paper Lab is revolutionary: traditionally, paper is recycled by a process that not only involves transportation of waste to a facility, but more importantly, water. And it takes a lot of water to make one single sheet.

Paper Lab utilizes zero water. Instead: they’re employing Dry Fiber Technology.

So no water. No transport cost. All you gotta do is a press a button. And in a matter of three minutes, Paper Lab will transform your waste paper to clean, white, A4-sized sheets of paper.

Talk about water cooler conversation.

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