Thingamajig Creates Anti-Mosquito Forcefield Around Your Camp

Bug spray can't hold a citronella candle to this bad boy

By Evan Bleier

Thingamajig Creates Anti-Mosquito Forcefield Around Your Camp
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14 June 2017

“Mosquitos would really liven up this party,” said the guy who won’t be invited to the next one.

To keep your next gathering, camping trip and/or backyard cookout free from both skeeters and that guy, you may want to consider using the Thermacell Backpacker Mosquito Repeller.

A gas-powered device that looks like it belongs in Batman’s closet, the repeller is able to create a 15’ x 15’ mosquito-free zone using a synthetic copy of a natural repellent that’s found in chrysanthemum plants which has been saturated into a mat.

Skeeter Chaser (2 images)

According the manufacturer, Thermacell, a metal grill is ignited by the gas which in turn heats up the mat to disperse the repellant. The repellent keeps the pests away and Bob’s your uncle. 

Simple, lightweight and very affordable at $40, the Repeller can provide up to 90 hours of protection from a single gas canister and the repellent it dispenses won’t damage your stuff.

Here’s to enjoying your next backyard beer in peace.

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