SEALed with a Kiss
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SEALed with a Kiss

Shoot Osama bin Laden, wife at your side, at Sealed Mindset

  • 26 September 2012

If you want to know whether she’s the one, just ask her one question: baby, will you shoot terrorists with me?

When she answers yes, take her to Sealed Mindset: a for-couples firing range, self-defense center and – how to say this — Osama bin Laden kill scenario re-enactment compound. Run by a former Navy SEAL and his blonde, Glock-toting wife, Sealed Mindset is accepting reservations now.

This is your chance to be Bonnie and Clyde, but trained by elite weapons experts.

Sealed Mindset is staffed by a cadre of military vets (including a member of the Navy Sniper team and a Marine who helped lead the 9/11 recovery effort at the Pentagon) and offers a variety of courses, but you’ll be most interested in these:

  • Date Night: Intro to handgun and range safety, “intimate” couples shooting on the range, dinner and two glasses of wine.

  • Kill Osama (aka "Navy SEAL Adventure"): kit up in Navy SEAL gear and re-enact the Abbottabad incursion with live role players and AR-15s modified to shoot “military grade simulated rounds."

Date Night runs year-round, the Kill Osama experience is available through November, and Sealed will soon offer "Wild West Night" and "American Ninja Assassin." Or, if you'd rather keep it simple, they teach year-round classes in preventing carjackings, defensive firearms training (which includes "shooting into a slab of pork"), self-defense for knife/gun attacks and “defensive flashlight.”

Which is exactly what it sounds like.

The Specifics

Sealed Mindset

From $325
5121 Winnetka Avenue N
Suite 110
New Hope, MN
(877) 723-7573

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