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Polanski: The mysteriously sexy men's mag

  • 16 June 2014

Time was, you had to hide your nudie mags underneath the mattress.

Or delete your browser history, ‘cause ... shame.

But there is no shame in beauty, friends.

Because now we have a men’s magazine worthy of display: Polanski, available now for quick order.

Started by a Brooklyn artist/photog (and borne out of a Tumblr account), the questionably titled Polanski delivers a lot of content and a little of clothing over its 156 pages.

Articles: almost none, save for photography/model credits and a few random slogans (“Made for Michelob”) and excerpts (a page from a softcore movie script, a Wiki-style entry on clean water).

Otherwise: just pictures of young, soft, pouty-lipped ladies in various states of undress.

Like this:


So, it’s artsy. Often black and white. A worthwhile print analogue to Instagram (BTW, theirs is great).

Buyer beware: these limited-edition mags go quickly (order online, though you can find a few in specialty stores like Mohawk in LA or C’H’C’M’ in NYC).

Happy Monday.

Nota bene: We’d be remiss if we didn’t also mention another favorite magazine in our office: Treats!, which, among other wonderful things, first brought Emily Ratajkowski to Robin Thicke’s attention.

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