Marty McFly’s DeLorean Could Be Yours

DeLorean hopes to build 300 replica models

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Marty McFly’s DeLorean Could Be Yours
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28 January 2016

Maybe you already purchased a hoverboard, stocked up on Pepsi Perfect and snared a pair of Nike’s self-lacing shoes.

Now it’s time to finish going all the way back to the future. In a car.

Thanks to a just-approved low-volume manufacturing bill—which lessens standards on companies that make replicas of cars 25 years or older—Marty and Doc’s 1982 DeLorean could be back soon.

The manufacturer, DeLorean Motor Company, has stayed in business by repairing and restoring original models that were sold before production ceased. The automaker already has enough spare parts and supplies on hand to produce 300 new models that will come with new 300 to 400 HP engines.

Getting the chance to replenish the stock of DeLoreans — only about 9,000 were sold — is the “game-changer” that the company has been waiting for, according to DeLorean’s CEO.

If Biff doesn’t cause any trouble, next generation DeLoreans featuring bigger wheels, bigger brakes and bigger shocks with a $100,000 price tag should starting rolling out by 2017.

Flux capacitors aren’t included.

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