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Level Skies: Guaranteed flight prices

  • 20 February 2014

Few things in life are guaranteed.

Death. Taxes. Sexless marriages.

Here’s one more, but it’s amazing: Level Skies’ fixed airline ticket prices, available now.

Level Skies is the travel engine for anyone with an ever-changing itinerary. The service allows you to “lock in” a ticket price with pretty much no repercussions.

Simply choose your starting airport (New York, San Francisco, Boston or Los Angeles for now) and destination (from more than 100 major cities around the globe), then choose how long you want to lock in your fare (from one-to-four weeks). In return, you’ll be quoted a fixed price.

Level Skies

Price goes down? Your locked-in price will be reduced. Goes up? You still get your locked-in price.

Either way, you’ll still earn reward miles.

And if you buy a ticket then change your mind, you’ll get 95% of your money back.

When we tested the service, we didn’t always get the cheapest flight, but we did land flights on the lower end of available pricing.

That’s a guarantee.

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