If You Can't Manage a Boat, How About a Little Jeep That Floats?

The Moke Amphibie Lazareth drives on land and in water

By Shari Gab

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14 July 2017

The phrase is overused, but we've gotta go ahead and call the Moke for what it is — a game-changer.

It’s a boat on wheels. That’s completely awesome.

From French company Lazareth, the Moke Amphibie Lazareth may only pack a 400cc Euro 4 engine, but that’ll get you going up to about 60 MPH. And uh, did we mention you could take the dang thing in the water?

Moke (8 images)

The Moke looks like a lil’ vintage Jeep and is good for up to 7 knots in water. That all-aluminum body means she’ll never rust. Going from street to sea happens in just seconds making it the ultimate getaway vehicle.

Available for order now, this darling car will set you back around $48,000 and is guaranteed to be more fun than the exhausting paddle boats you've been tolerating.

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