Your 90-Second Summer Camping Guide

Baby Airstreams, floating tents and fire. Lots of fire.

By The Editors

What’s the Difference Between a Good Summer and a Great One?
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01 June 2016

This Saturday (June 4th) is National Trails Day.

And while the integrity of said holiday is up for debate, its intentions are not. These are months for going outside — do not waste them.

Whether you’re glamping, renting an RV or going full John Muir is your call. What we can offer is a treasure trove of recently compiled how-tos and where-tos to help you start your search.

To wit:

And finally, to convey said gear about the country, we’ve got mutant camper boats, the world’s most lightweight camping trailer and an adorable baby Airstream.

See you out there.

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