Amazon Wants Every Man, Woman and Child to Own Its New 4K TV

It's ridiculously cheap, but should you buy one?

By Kirk Miller

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23 June 2017

Big questions today. Do you really need a 4K television? Should we really be giving more of our lives over to Jeff Bezos? Is this rhetorical?

A lot to think about — BTW the answers are “yes,” “it’s inevitable” and “not that clever”— but Amazon just introduced a line of budget 4K televisions that really provide the only answer you need.

While 4K TVs under $1,000 are no longer a big deal, Amazon’s new Element screens offer some advantages. Mainly, the company’s taken their separate Fire and Alexa products and baked ‘em into the sets, so right out of the box you have access to 15,000 channels, apps and Alexa skills, plus a remote voice powered by Alexa. Oh, and wifi, Bluetooth and multiple HDMI ports.

Basically, if you’re a big Fire TV user, a Prime member and working on a tight budget, this is probably the set for you.

So the Element's back-lit LED screen isn’t the best picture in the world. At $450 for a 43-inch model to $650 for a 55-inch, nobody’s gonna question your decision.

The Element TVs are up for pre-order and available starting on Tuesday, June 27th.

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