Think You Can Handle a Street-Legal Power Wheel?

60% of a standard Jeep for 10% of the price

By Evan Bleier

Think You Can Handle a Street-Legal Power Wheel?
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08 August 2017

The only real problem with Power Wheels, other than the time our lead-footed cousin drove ours into Ms. Barnaby’s pool, is that, like our favorite jammies, we physically grew out of them.

However, the desire to drive a mini version of one of our favorite sports cars or SUVs still burns as strongly as our passion for Saturday morning cartoons and booting girls out of the treehouse.

To satisfy that urge, New Mexico-based Zia ATVs has designed a line of Power Wheels-esque vehicles that are large enough to easily hold an adult (or adults) weighing up to 280 pounds.

Power Wheels Jeeps (5 images)

A miniaturized version of the military-issue Willys Jeep, the Thunderbird Mini Jeep is 60% of the size of the standard SUV and runs on a 125cc gas engine that’s been paired with a three-speed transmission. Adding to the realness: disc brakes; functional lights and adjustable shocks.

Street legal except in California, Florida and Hawaii, the $2,499 Thunderbird Mini Jeep is available in army green, desert storm, navy gray, gray camo or green camo and ships for free.

Here’s an in-depth look at what you can expect. But you know what we say around here: It's a no-brainer.

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