Rolling Stones “No Filter” Tour Is Being Sponsored by Retirement Fund

The Alliance for Lifetime Income is the sole sponsor of the "No Filter" tour

The Rolling Stones at Mercedes Benz-Arena during their European tour. (Sebastian Gollnow/PA via Getty)
The Rolling Stones at Mercedes Benz-Arena during their European tour.
Sebastian Gollnow/PA via Getty

For their ongoing North American tour, which was postponed so Mick Jagger could have surgery, the Rolling Stones chose a single sponsor: a retirement fund

A trade association that promotes the sale of annuities, the Alliance for Lifetime Income updated their website to help promote the sponsorship under a banner reading: “You can get what you need, when you have an annuity.”

In a letter that’s pure rock ’n’ roll through and through, the Alliance notes that before each performance on the “No Filter” tour fans of the Stones can partake in activities such as playing the “Risk vs. Reward Golf Challenge.”

According to Jean Statler, the executive director for the annuities group, the majority of fans who attend the band’s shows are in the Alliances target demographic of “45- to 72-year-olds with investable assets between $75,000 and $2 million.”

So, while it might not be the best look for the Stones, it’s good business for the Alliance.

“When fans move with the musicians, there’s no reason that advertising shouldn’t move with them,”  John Covach, a Rolling Stones scholar and professor of music theory at the University of Rochester, told The New York Times.

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