Orange Needs Your Help to Reissue Its Original Phazer, Sustain and Distortion Pedals

The original schematics for the pedals were recently uncovered during some spring cleaning

Orange needs your help to reissue its original 1970s pedals.
Orange needs your help to reissue its original 1970s pedals.

We don’t often hear of the coronavirus pandemic resulting in any good news, but thanks to a little quarantine-inspired spring cleaning, Orange has announced plans to reissue its first trio of effects pedals — the Phazer, Sustain and Distortion, which were originally produced between 1977 and 1979.

“After seeing Orange users share images of various pedals, fans over at Orange’s Facebook page have requested Orange reissue these. During COVID-19, like many people, Orange has been doing some housework; decluttering, sorting out, tidying up, clearing out,” the company explained in a statement. “Mick Dines, who has been with the company since the early ‘70s, found the original, tea-stained schematics for the Phazer, Sustain and Distortion pedals and passed those onto current designer Ade Emsley. However Orange have not been able to find the actual physical pedals and need help to get these reissues right.”

That’s the catch: the British company needs to get its hands on physical examples of the pedals, which it plans to reissue with upgraded internals, to gather information about their exact size and dimensions. So they’re asking anyone who may currently be in possession of an original Phazer, Sustain or Distortion pedal to get in touch. If you happen to have one, you can reach out to Orange via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or its official website.

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