Journalist Recalls Inappropriate Contact From Courtney Love at Coachella

Frank Elardi made the comments on an episode of his podcast

Courtney Love
Courtney Love during a 2010 Hole concert.
Marc Dimov/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Should you visit journalist Frank Elardi’s website, you’re likely to see two distinct — and relatively wide-ranging — descriptions of his work: “(4-time) Emmy-Award-Winning Journalist (and) Certified Healer.” His podcast, Quite Frankly, features “intimate conversations with thought-leaders from various fields” – which can encompass everything from psychedelics to rescuing dogs.

The latest episode included a conversation with musician Nahko Bear, who was accused of numerous varieties of sexual abuse in 2021. As Far Out reports, Elardi and Bear discussed Bear’s experiences with being accused of abusive behavior, at which point Elardi shared his memories of Love allegedly groping him at Coachella several years ago.

Elardi said that he had been 24 at the time, and was at Coachella on an assignment to interview Love. “[T]he second [the] photo’s done, she grabs my crotch, like, really hard. I was caught off guard,” Elardi recalled. “There’s literally a photo ‘cause somebody across the room snapped it [and] sent it to me.”

Upon being asked whether he had an interest in “cancelling” Love, Elardi stated that he did not. “That would never cross my mind to be like, let me go after her now, 10 years later. She’s a rock star in my head,” he told Bear, adding that he did not want to “justify” Love’s behavior or “say it’s OK.” Besides Elardi’s comments, details are scarce about when this incident took place, and Far Out noted that Love has yet to respond to the allegations.

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