Travel Like a Rock Star in Eddie Van Halen’s 1934 Ford Hot Rod

The minimum bid is $100,000

1934 Ford
Eddie Van Halen used to drive this. Could you be its next owner?

Like a lot of wildly successful guys, the late Eddie Van Halen had a penchant for buying high-end automobiles. A 2016 Car and Driver article on Van Halen’s collection neatly summarized it. “Van Halen’s current collection includes a Lam­borghini Miura, a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, and two Audi R8s, a V-8 and a V-10,” wrote David Curcurito. “Both R8s are supercharged and fitted with custom exhaust systems. And then there’s a 1947 Dodge flatbed for slow rides.”

Van Halen’s penchant for cars and his love of music sometimes coincided — his Miura can be heard on the song “Panama,” for instance.

As the 2016 state of his collection showed, Van Halen was fond of cars new and old. For those interested in owning a vehicle where automotive history and rock history collide, The Drive recently reported that a 1934 Ford Hot Rod that Van Halen once owned is up for sale.

The listing for the Ford, at auction site Gotta Have Rock and Roll, offers more details about the car. Van Halen bought the car in 1991; whoever buys the car will also receive a guitar signed by the original lineup of the band Van Halen. The Hot Rod itself has had some modifications made to it, from new upholstery to the addition of power steering and air conditioning. A classic aesthetic with modernized power; that sounds entirely in keeping with Eddie Van Halen’s aesthetic.

The minimum bid for the Hot Rod is $100,000, and the auction site estimates that it will eventually sell for between $150,000 and $200,000.

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