Lyrics and Love Letters From Bob Dylan Head to Auction

It's a wide-ranging set of objects

Bob Dylan, 1961
Bob Dylan performs at The Bitter End folk club in Greenwich Village in 1961 in New York City, New York.
Sigmund Goode/Michael Ochs Archive/Getty Images

How far does your affinity for Bob Dylan go? Dylan’s work spans decades, and includes acclaimed work as a musician and songwriter. There’s also the matter of his forays into literature and his Nobel Prize. There’s been plenty written about him and an acclaimed film that’s drawn inspiration from his life and mythos; there’s also a musical that’s made use of his music. But what if you’re looking to go even further into the wilds of all things Dylan-related?

Well, there is the matter of an auction of a number of Dylan-related items scheduled to conclude on November 17. RR Auction is conducting the sale, which includes signed albums and photographs along with some more personal items from Dylan’s history.

As Ultimate Classic Rock reports, the centerpiece of the auction are a selection of love letters that Dylan sent to Barbara Ann Hewitt when he was in high school. According to the listing, this encompasses around 150 pages, and has a minimum bid of $250,000.

If your interest in Dylan focuses more on his music than his correspondence, several handwritten pages of lyrics are also part of the auction — including “Tangled Up in Blue” (current bid: $22,000) and “Just Like a Woman” (current bid: $9,518). All told, it’s a wildly disparate array of items; then again, that seems fitting given the scope of Dylan’s life and work.

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