The Holy Whale

May 17, 2013 9:00 am

The bartender friend — that gracious, hospitable fellow who’s always good for a stiff pour — holds a special place in a man’s heart, not to mention his liver.

And to ensure you’re never without that friend, we’re happy to introduce you to The Whaling Club: a semi-secret cocktail concern that meets in the West Hollywood apartment of bartender Dan Scott and his partner Marie Buck, taking RSVPs now.

Dan you may know as a manager at Son of a Gun: that beachy, tchotchke-adorned shack that serves up a mean king salmon.

The Whaling Club is his passion project, born because he longed to return to his drink-slinging roots. In another life, he mixed drinks in New York.

He doesn’t have any truck with the word “mixologist,” but that’s the quality of drink you can expect at The Whaling Club.

Classic cocktails and seasonal bevvies – three per visit – not to mention finger-foods like shucked oysters and chilled mussels (check out a previous drink menu right here).

To RSVP for their next gathering, simply hit the site and email them your request. RSVPs are first come, first serve.

Cheers. Here’s to the weekend.

Nota Bene: The next Whaling Club meetup is tomorrow, and we’ve got two invites. Follow us @insidehook and watch for your chance to win.


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