Puckett Excursions: Tours for Those Who Want to Glamp

If mother earth opened up a boutique hotel, this would be it

By The Editors
March 9, 2016 9:00 am

The Platonic ideal of the camping trip involves whiskey, fire and not a whole lot else.

But not every camper is ready to endure the schlep that gets you to that point.

For those campers, there’s Puckett Excursions, a primo glamping service that does fully customizable trips to remote and gorgeous locations around the world.

Puckett is captained by a camping professional who works with the hospitality crew behind some of L.A.’s top restaurants and bars (SoHo House, Napa Valley Grill).

They handle all of the literal heavy lifting (luggage, tents) and also set up a cozy room with pillow-topped air mattresses and Pendleton blankets. Once settled, they cook your meals, set the table (with Best Made Co. cutlery and mugs) and make the mixologized cocktails of your choice.

Hell, they even put fresh cut flowers on the tables come morning.

During the day, you’ll be hiking remote trails, rafting down roaring rivers and swimming in secluded ponds.

They’re booking trips now and can handle around 6-12 people at a time.

And yes, there will be fire and whiskey.


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