Skin Pics

September 5, 2013 9:00 am

The artist who slept with the women he painted.

That was Matt Doust. A well-known, 29-year-old scallywag, boozer and raffish lover of women. His friends called him “The Dirty Cherub” – and not just because he allegedly mixed semen with his oil paints.

Sadly, Doust passed in August, but his planned exhibit at Thinkspace in Culver City goes on. And you should attend.

Opening this Saturday, the show features 19 new works of sensual, come-hither and sly-lidded women — many of them so lifelike they look like photographs.

Doust spent his formative years in Perth, but since 2011 lived in Echo Park. Jim Carrey and Mickey Rourke are owners of his work.

The works are all untitled, but here are some highlights:

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