Say Hello to the First Made-in-LA Luxury Sunglass Brand

Italian know-how meets local entrepreneurship

April 12, 2018 9:00 am

Did you know that sunglasses are centuries old?

The Inuits used to wear slitted wooden frames to help them gaze upward at the sun.

Across the world, Europeans experimented with various shades of spectacle glass for the same purpose. The process was then refined by the ever-stylish Italians; it’s no wonder that Luxottica, the world’s largest eyewear manufacturer, hails from Il Bel Paese.

And now there’s DOM VETRO, a local brand using all that Italian know-how to manufacture shades ideal for our neverending sunshine.

sunnies (2 images)

Founder Ashley Bezamat studied eyewear in Italy and decided to bring his skillset to L.A.

“It’s an Alpine workshop in the heart of Culver City,” says Bezamat. “As a born and bred Angeleno, I’m beyond excited to open L.A.’s first eyewear factory.”

He brought Italian acetate with him, a material that’s more rigid and durable than what you’d find with most American brands. His machines are also salvaged from Italian factories to make the product that comes out of them as authentic as possible.

As of now, they have eight styles, from the ‘60s-inspired M01s to the skier-friendly Cortinas. You can either go to the factory and meet the people making your shades, or order online for a direct-to-consumer convenience.

Will you ever take them off? Tough to say. The sun never sets on cool, after all.

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