It’s like camping with a private chef

Minus the chef.

By The Editors
September 17, 2015 9:00 am

The evolution of the modern man’s fireside cooking habits go something like so:

Ape phase: Wienies on sticks, plastic utensils, beer in hand. Frequent grunts.

Neanderthal phase: Headlamps, Coleman rigs and messy prep. Passed whiskey.

The homo sapiens way? It’s called Fireside Provisions.

Yes, old boy, Fireside Provisions, the delivery service that sends you boxes of prepared gourmet vittles ready for the open flame.

Just visit their site and pick out your favorite items; they send you kits for shelf-stable, pre-prepped meals that’ll last you for a day, an overnight or a weekend-long backcountry excursion.

You then visit your local butcher to pick up the meats to add to their dishes, et voila: Citrus Chicken and Creamy Polenta. Maple Mustard Pork Chops. Jambalaya.

Everything is self-contained and easy to clean, saving you more time. And they do great breakfasts, too (read: Popop’s Pancakes).

Soon they’ll start selling hard provisions, like coffee makers, stainless steel utensils and cast iron skillets. Until then, we like Snow Peak.

All in, it’ll reduce the grocery-getting gauntlet and give you more time to relax by the fire.

Darwin would approve.

Nota bene: In November, Fireside is launching Ski Provisions, which will send boxes of small-sized cooking essentials like olive oil, salt and pepper and all of the other stuff that seems to be missing at the rental shop.

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