New Social Media Challenge Has People Peeing Their Pants on TikTok

Stupid times call for stupid pastimes

TikTok pee your pants challenge
TikTok is home to many a viral, often stupid, coronavirus challenge.
DENIS CHARLET/AFP via Getty Images

The internet has gotten a lot hornier since lockdowns began. Unfortunately, other corners of the internet have also gotten a lot more annoying and, at times, more stupid. Instagram became nearly uninhabitable earlier this quarantine after prematurely aging into a Facebook-esque platform for taggable social media challenges. But all the alumni bingo boards and “tag a beautiful woman” challenges are nothing compared to the increasingly random, inane and often scatological challenges playing out on TikTok.

There was the airplane toilet seat licking, followed by the poop challenge, and now, the TikTokers are just pissing themselves. The #peeyourpants challenge currently has over 4.2 million views, all of which went to video clips of people, yes, peeing their pants.

The origin of the unfortunate trend is attributed to 19-year-old Liam Weyer, who posted the OG pants-peeing clip in April. Despite announcing the name of the trend before completing the challenge himself, Weyer said he never imagined the challenge would actually catch on.


#peeyourpantschallenge #fyp

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“I am surprised to see that people on the internet will pee themselves if you call it a challenge and add a hashtag,” Weyer, who apparently had too much faith in his fellow folks of the internet, told Insider. “I am definitely surprised that the challenge actually became a trend,” he said, explaining that the post was initially meant to parody the vast stupidity of internet challenges. “I created the challenge as a parody of the other challenges that have gone viral on the internet in an attempt to show how pointless they are.”

Unfortunately, Weyer’s satirical internet commentary appears to have eluded the legion of imitators who decided to take him up on the challenge and piss their own pants in front of the internet.

Then again, these are stupid times, and stupid times call for stupid pastimes. If pissing your pants for followers on social media gets you through the day, then by all means, knock yourself out.

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