What Is the Sundress Challenge, and Why Is It Banned From TikTok?

Apparently people are getting it on in public under their sundresses, a sure sign that a horny, hot vax summer is indeed upon us.

woman in sundress riding bike
The sundress: perfect for bike riding or ... other summertime activities.

If I told you there’s an internet trend called the “sundress challenge,” you might assume it has something to do with fashion, but you would be wrong. Like most things on the internet, the sundress challenge is a sex thing.

Given that information, you can probably put two and two together and figure out what the sundress challenge is, but if you’re too pure of mind, allow me to explain. The trend, which started on TikTok, involves having sex in public while one partner is wearing a sundress, a garment that provides both ease of access and some semblance of privacy in such circumstances.

If you want to see for yourself, however, you can’t anymore. It would seem TikTok has caught onto the salacious nature of the challenge and banned it from the platform, which prohibits “nudity, pornography or sexually explicit content,” according to TikTok’s Community Guidelines. Currently, a TikTok search for the challenge will return zero results and a message informing the prurient searcher that the phrase “may be associated with behavior or content that violates our guidelines.”

Given the TikTok ban, it’s unclear how long this trend was around or how many people were actually participating in the ill-advised public sex challenge. However, talk of the sundress challenge has since spilled over to Twitter — generally a social media safe-haven for horny content — where multiple users have warned against participating in the trend as doing so is illegal in many places and getting caught could have serious consequences.

But despite multiple warnings pointing out the obvious ramifications of having sex in public for the sake of an internet trend, plenty of people on Twitter are still lusting over the idea of getting it in under a sundress this summer, public indecency and a lifetime on a sex offender registry be damned.

Again, it remains unclear exactly how common this challenge actually is in practice, but if people are actively lusting over public sundress sex on main, perhaps the horny post-vax summer the prophecy foretold is indeed upon us.

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