Facebook Has a New Couples-Only Social Media Platform

Tuned is a private social media island where couples can be annoying together in privacy

facebook tuned
Like talking to your partner, but on an app for some reason.
Kornburut Woradee / EyeEm via Getty Images

Couples have been ruining social media since the earliest days of the Facebook relationship status. Now, as if this pandemic couldn’t possibly get any worse, someone told them they should all post the first picture they ever took together as a couple in the latest insufferable quarantine-era Instagram challenge.

Fortunately, Facebook just released a timely solution: a private social media platform where couples can be annoying together and no one else has to see it. Called Tuned, the new app is designed to be a private space for couples where partners can message each other, exchange music, share their moods, send photos and even keep a shared daily diary. If that all sounds a lot like simply texting your partner, I agree, but hey, whatever gets the couples and their lengthy anniversary captions off Instagram, right?

While Tuned is meant to offer couples privacy to do their annoying couple things together, that doesn’t mean Facebook isn’t still harvesting their data. According to MIT Technology Review, the new platform is not end-to-end encrypted and has the same privacy policy as Facebook, meaning everything you share in your daily couple diary is ripe for targeted advertising.

Tuned marks Facebook’s latest attempt to worm its way into users’ love lives after the launch and relative failure of Facebook Dating last year. After realizing that Facebook simply wasn’t equipped to win over the single population, the company appears to have refocused on a more Facebook-appropriate demographic of already committed monogamists.

Ideally, I’d like to see this mark the beginning of an eventual segregation of all social media based on relationship status. While Tuned gives each couple their own private space, I think we should have a platform where we can safely corral all the couples together so they can continue flexing on each other’s “We’ve had our ups and downs” and “Thanks for putting up with me” posts and let the rest of us get back to being miserable and insane on Twitter and thirsty on Instagram, as God intended.

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