Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Pretty Pissed Off About the Inevitability of Death

The Terminator is not a fan of mortality

Closeup of Arnold Schwarzenegger's face looking disgruntled
When you realize you're powerless against your own mortality.
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As a young woman with no money, political ambitions or muscle mass to speak of, I don’t have much in common with Arnold Schwarzenegger, noted action film star, former governor of California and exceptionally fit human being. One thing the old Governator and I do share, however, is the inevitability of mortality. This is something you and I also have in common, as does every other human being who has ever lived. You, me and everyone we know and don’t know will all die one day, and so will Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Unlike many of us, however, Arnie doesn’t fear death. Rather, in true Schwarzenegger form, he’s just pretty pissed off about it. Following in the footsteps of many great minds before him, the star recently penned some thoughts on the great unknown that awaits us all, sharing his reflections on mortality in the most 2021 of forums: his personal newsletter.

In addition to death, a personal newsletter is something else Schwarzenegger has in common with seemingly every other human on the planet these days, and the star uses his monthly correspondence to share updates, opine on current events and sometimes answer fan questions. In a somewhat morbid turn of events, one of those fans took the opportunity to ask Arnie to share some thoughts on death, and the star obliged.

“Unfortunately, death is the one thing we can’t overcome,” Schwarzenegger observed. “And I have to say, that pisses me off.”

Generally speaking, most of us aren’t exactly looking forward to our inevitable demise, but Schwarzenegger is particularly loath to leave this earth behind. Why? Because, in case you haven’t noticed, his life is pretty sweet. In fact, the star’s time in the mortal realm has been so great, he isn’t even particularly comforted by the prospect of a potentially blissful afterlife.

“My life is heaven,” he wrote. “I have such a great time here that I hate the idea of death. I don’t like to think about it, I don’t even like to say the word.”

I suppose if I were a rich movie star with giant muscles, I too would be pretty pissed off by the prospect of that charmed existence getting cut short by something as annoying as death. However, Schwarzenegger doesn’t want us to feel sorry for him, or even to share in his fury. “Despite my anger, I don’t want you to feel pissed off on my behalf or even sad when that day comes,” he wrote. Rather, the star hopes that when his time is up, we will be “inspired” by his legacy to continue the good work he hopes to accomplish with whatever time he has left, which apparently includes leading a fitness crusade and fighting to end gerrymandering and pollution. Kind of a mixed bag, but certainly not bad goals to have, by any means. “I want all of you to pick up wherever I leave off, because God knows, the work won’t be finished,” wrote Schwarzenegger.

Anyway, the point is death comes for us all. One day, even Arnold Schwarzenegger will be forced to leave this earth behind, and he won’t be back.

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