These Custom-Fit Earbuds Are at Their Lowest Price Ever

UE FITS from Ultimate Ears promise an audio experience shaped to your ears, and these buds are now just $149

UE Fits custom-fit earbuds from Ultimate Ears, on sale for one day only
UE Fits custom-fit earbuds from Ultimate Ears, on sale today only
Ultimate Ears

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I currently use three different earbuds, depending on where I’m going and what I’m doing.

None of them fit quite right, even with the array of ear tips — even the ones designed for workouts or with memory foam still tend to fall out occasionally.

So one big advantage Ultimate Ears offers with their ‘buds? UE FITS, the world’s first instant custom-fit wireless earphones. And today only, they’re at their lowest price ever.

UE FITS uses “Lightform” technology, which basically means the gel-filled tips can be molded to fit your particular ear holes in under 60 seconds. If you want more on the tech, Ultimate Ears offers this explanation, which they state utilizes technology you’d find everywhere from dentistry to 3D printing:

“FITS works via a patented process that uses lightform technology with a light-hardening photopolymer. Essentially, it’s a rubberized plastic that shrinks and hardens when hit with the LEDs in the earpiece. When you securely place your FITS in your ears and start the process on the app, it automatically molds to fit your ears.”

Advantages? You won’t need to go to an audiologist to get custom earpieces, and because of the secure fit, you’ll be able to enjoy less outside noise via passive noise isolation, as opposed to the extra steps active noise-canceling headphones take to keep the outside world away.

All this means you’re spending far less than the usual custom earbuds, and today only, you’ll save an additional $100 if you use the code BESTDEAL (the discount is a bit less if you don’t use the code). Free shipping and available in three colors, too.

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