This Power Tool Works Like a Video Game

It's cutting stuff for dummies, essentially

August 29, 2016 9:00 am

A man’s willingness to use power tools are frequently at odds with his actual ability to operate them.

But one company understands the failings of that man, and has a solution.

Dubbed Shaper Origin, it’s a handheld, perceptive power tool that pretty much works like a video game.

Shaper’s motto: “Making things should be easy.” And the Origin is certainly a simple, powerful addition to your workspace.

Using a five-inch touch screen and two joysticks, the drill “guides” all your cuts via a visual marker system. It also orients itself, makes ultra-precise stops if you go off-course and remembers your cutting position should you have to pause your work.

Nice amenities, too: dust extraction, a cloud connection and compatibility with most standard cutters. And it can slice on almost any scale and through almost every material, be it wood, soft metals, plastics or composites.

As for what to make: you can use blueprints from pretty much any standard design software, create new ones on the fly via the touchscreen or get inspiration from Shaper’s community hub. Some designs already in use, according to the company, include skateboards, jewelry, large desks, gift boxes, chairs, radios, guitars, a carbon-fiber quadcopter body, baby toys, furniture, speaker cabinets, clamp fixtures, soapstone signs and a chicken coop.

The Origin ships in 2017, with a preorder now that’ll save you $600 off the retail price.

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