A Waterproof Chain Mail Backpack, Because You Never Know

Your things will be safe come hell, high water or pirates

March 26, 2018 9:00 am
A Waterproof Chain Mail Backpack, Because You Never Know
Levi Bouwkamp

There are a few standard questions to ask yourself when choosing a new backpack:

Do you value style or function? All-purpose or environment-specific? Rolltop or zip?

But thanks to Pacsafe, purveyors of all-manner of anti-theft travel gear, there’s a new criterion: waterproof chain mail or no waterproof chain mail?

That’s the three-word summation of the company’s new Dry 15L Anti-Theft Backpack, also called a “Portable Safe.” It’s the standout piece from the company’s new Dry series, which also features a 4L stash bag, larger 25L backpack and 36L beach bag.

The smaller, more versatile carry features the company’s high-frequency welded, 360-degree eXomesh (which Bless This Stuff aptly likens to “integrated chainmail”). In reality, it’s a braided, high-tensile, stainless steel mesh inlaid into the bag to prevent slash-and-grab thieves. The bag itself is also water-resistant at an IPX6 rating (meaning it can withstand powerful water jets, but not full immersion).

Other features of this pack include an RFIDsafe pocket, rolltop seal, two-way carry and a TSA-approved combination lock for securing the bag to a fixture should you need to leave it in your room or elsewhere.

Overkill for your everyday commuter bag? Certainly. But the combination of features that would make an apocalypse planner blush and surprisingly sleek design make it a shoo-in for people traveling with cargo they can’t afford to lose (i.e., most of us).

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