Power Map

By The Editors
July 30, 2012 9:00 am

When it comes to traveling, a tour group can lead you to the obvious — “annnnd here’s another pyramid” — but they’re soul-crushingly awful at letting you seek out new thrills.

Stray from the safety of the pack, via Offmap.

Just launched, Offmap curates international adventure vacations that one-up stodgy group tours by a) offering adrenaline-fueled activities (i.e., whitewater rafting, ATV-ing around lava beds), b) connecting you directly with local tour experts and putting you up in boutique hotels, and c) costing about a third of a normal vacay.

Plus d), you also get an interactive iPad guide, filled with customized itineraries, points of interest and reference material written by seasoned travel vets from the likes of Matador and National Geographic.

Current trips include Iceland and Peru, and two new tours are introduced each month — e.g., an upcoming surfing expedition to Costa Rica (plus, some shorter, U.S.-based weekend excursions).

Membership is free, but currently capped; but use this special InsideHook code and you’ll be able to book trips through Offmap within 24 hours — giving you some extra time to thrill yourself.

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