Casio’s New Action Camera Looks Like a G-Shock on Steroids

Just don't try to wear it on your wrist

October 18, 2017 9:00 am

GoPro rules the action camera game and that’s fine because GoPro is damn good.

But a little competition never hurts, and Casio is about to throw some GoPro’s way with their new GZE-1, set to release in Japan on October 27.

Longtime Casio fans will recognize the design, which takes inspiration from the brand’s famous G-Shock ticker, a watch known for its rugged durability. The Full HD 6.9 megapixel camera can go 150 meters deep and can take a big beating. That it looks like it could fit on your wrist speaks to its look-ma-no-hands portability.

No word yet on pricing and U.S. release details,  but you’ll wanna keep it in mind come stocking-stuffing season.

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