Bad News: Your Bathroom Scale Has Been Lying to You

Good News: We found something better.

By The Editors
April 14, 2016 9:00 am

So your bathroom scale has been lying to you.

Turns out you might have lost weight. Or gained some muscle mass. Perhaps you are just built differently.

And you didn’t even know it.

This thing does: Naked Labs’ new 3D Fitness Tracker, a three-dimensional body scanner, computerized scale and rather design-forward mirror that tracks your body far more accurately than any gym abacus or the naked eye.

To test it out, we met up with CEO/co-founder Farhad Farahbakhshian. He allowed us to do a test run of the Fitness Tracker (the results will remain private, thank you very much), which is essentially a full-length mirror embedded with sensors that scans your body with the help of a turntable-style scale.

Using it is simple enough. You step on the turntable naked, hold still and the Tracker scans your body through the mirror’s multiple sensors. It takes a bit of practice: on my first try, I moved my head too much (a common first-time mistake given the scale’s unusual spinning motion).

After the scale completes a 3D avatar, you chart your body’s progress through an app. “From a 20-second scan, we can can extract all your measurements and upload to your phone,” says Farahbakhshian. “I can go in and click on any body part and the app will plot how it’s changed over time.”

With this “heatmap” view, you can see exactly where you’re gaining muscle and losing fat, all in one view. “It’s a snapshot of your body over time. You can see improvements more easily — maybe you didn’t lose weight, but you lost fat in a certain area, or gained muscle mass.”

Best of all, the Tracker pretty much looks like any well-designed full-length mirror. “We wanted it to fit into your home and not look like a piece of technology,” says Farahbakhshian. “You can even prop the scale against the mirror when you’re not using it, or use it on carpeting, which you can’t do with most scales.”

Preorders begin April 14 at $499 (shipping not included). It’ll arrive in Q1 2017.

After that?

Weight’s off your shoulders.

And you can prove it.

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