Keys/Wallet/Phone: The Survivalist

Three survival essentials that fit in your pocket

By The Editors
December 22, 2015 9:00 am

Keys. Wallet. Phone. The things you carry; your morning mantra. Here’s your occasional guide to carrying them in style. This week: embrace your inner survivalist.

Rogue Survival Key Fob
Best case scenario, you’ll never find yourself in a situation where you have to use this. But in the event things get hairy in the woods and you need to do, uh, all the stuff outdoorsman do with paracord, there’s this little number. Built with approximately six feet of paracord attached to a fob that lays flat in your pocket when not in use. Buy it

Jackfish Survival Card Holder
If it took care of anything more for you, it would be your mother. Clocking in at a mere 8.5mm thick, the Jackfish holds a bouquet of at-the-ready tools, including a windproof match, 120-decibel whistle, Bug Knife, screwdriver, hex bits, firesteel, compass, container for water-purifying iodine, telescopic pen and micro SD card holder for your day-to-day, non-emergency business. Buy it

Griffin Survivor Summit Case
In reality, we could all most likely use this one. Because sooner or later, your phone can and will take a spill. The Summit Case has you covered. Shatterproof for up to a 10-foot drop onto concrete, and dirt-, sand- and rain-proof to boot. Buy it

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