Here’s Everything We Know About the Leaked iPhone 7 Plus

Goodbye, headphone jack. Hello, mysterious docking port

August 5, 2016 9:00 am

Apple’s about to make some customers very angry.

A leaked prototype of the iPhone 7 Plus suggests you may need to buy a ton of new accessories when you update your phone.

The leak comes courtesy of Unbox Therapy, a popular YouTube channel “where products get naked.”

UT received a mockup of the 7 Plus from the Chinese accessories company BeSound, which is creating a “smart” lightning port earbuds for the new iPhone.

So, there’s your first big change: no headphone jack. We expected as much. (Get used to dongles, lightning-port headphones or wireless.)

Other differences UT founder Lewis Hilsenteger noticed between the 7 Plus mockup and the 6S Plus:

  • A new color, a blue-purple tone that’s admittedly pretty sharp
  • Instead of a single lens lens, a larger, “raised” dual-lens camera on the back
  • Mysteriously, some contact points on the back that, Hilsenteger theorizes, could mean built-in wireless charging. Or serve as a keyboard dock or modular camera attachment.

Plus, a different antenna layout, two speaker grills and a slightly thinner frame. The sides (power, lock, volume) appear to be the same.

The new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are expected to go on sale in early September.

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