Enhanced Games Could Feature Athletes Using the Apple Vision Pro

That's in addition to the performance-enhancing drugs

Apple Vision Pro
Coming soon to a sporting event near you?

Has any piece of high-tech hardware sparked more existential debate than the Apple Vision Pro? Last year, a Harvard Business Review article asked the question “What Is Apple’s Vision Pro Really For?” Since the device’s release, the headline of a New York article posed a related question: “Apple Vision Pro Owners Are Struggling to Figure Out What They Just Bought.”

Now, at least, there’s one potential answer to what the nature and purpose of the Vision Pro is, or at least could be: the go-to accessory for elite athletes.

In an article at Business Insider, Joshua Zitser reported that the Enhanced Games — the Peter Thiel-backed initiative that answers the question, “what if the SNL ‘All-Drug Olympics’ sketch was real?” — is open to letting athletes compete while wearing the Apple Vision Pro.

As Business Insider reports, Enhanced Games CEO Aron D’Souza cited the example of “a javelin thrower using Vision Pro” as one way the Apple device could be used in competition. It’s not the only kind of enhancement the upcoming competition has cited; it sounds like “bionic and cybernetic enhancements” could be in the picture as well, as per D’Souza’s comments.

And, of course, there’s the matter of performance-enhancing drugs. Dubbing itself “the Olympics of the future,” the Enhanced Games’ website also declares that “[s]ports can be safer without drug testing.”

An Olympics Without Drug Testing Is Coming Courtesy of Peter Thiel
Doping is basically encouraged for the athletes of the Enhanced Games

The example D’Souza cites of a javelin thrower using Apple’s technology is interesting to consider. That said, if the Enhanced Games are considering any cycling events, that could make for a bit more of a challenge. It also leads to the question of whether events would be differentiated by the types of enhancement allowed — or if spectators might see doped-up cyborgs with VR goggles on competing in various events.

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