One Airline Is Embracing Apple Vision Pro for In-Flight Entertainment

Beond began flying to the Maldives last year

Apple Vision Pro
We're way beyond little screens in the back of airline seats.

In November 2023, a new airline called Beond began service to the Maldives from a number of destinations across Europe and the Middle East. Beond is notable for a few qualities, including all-premium seating, chauffeuring travelers to their flight and an emphasis on travel to the Maldives. Recently, the company announced one more feature for passengers bound to one of the world’s most scenic destinations: using the Apple Vision Pro for in-flight entertainment.

According to Beond’s announcement, the headsets will be used in part to give travelers a sense of what to expect after their flights touch down. “In addition to our existing and ever-growing library of inflight content such as movies and games, Beond will showcase stunning resort destinations and activities in the Maldives,” said Beond CEO Tero Taskila in a statement.

“We are working now with partners in the Maldives to prepare truly amazing footage,” he added. “The inflight experience will build anticipation for passengers before they arrive in the Maldives.”

The Apple Vision Pro headsets will begin appearing on flights in July of 2024. As per Beond’s announcement, the headsets will be available to “select passengers.”

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Writing at The Points Guy, Zach Griff observed that Beond’s program seemed in keeping with something Griff has observed while traveling — the Vision Pro can be a useful thing to have on board a long-distance flight.

That a piece of high-end technology would find a home on an airline emphasizing luxury travel isn’t shocking — but a virtual trip to the Maldives while on your way to an actual trip to the Maldives does sound like the best kind of in-flight entertainment.


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