A New App Lets You Vacation Like Travel Bloggers. But Should You?

Browse and book influencer-picked itineraries on GoHype

October 30, 2018 9:00 am

Fake reviews are a problem in the travel (and every other) world. “As many as 25 percent of reviews submitted to [Yelp] are fake” — according to Yelp!

So, who to trust in this querulous world, especially when booking a vacation?

Might the answer be … travel bloggers?

Eh, probably not. But the guys behind GoHype (uh, not sure about that name, there) would like you to think otherwise.

The founders’ presumed logic: Travel bloggers see the best the world has to offer (often on the dime of those selling tickets to the best the world has to offer). Perhaps travelers would like to follow in their literal footsteps? And book those itineraries, including accommodations and tours, through their app?

If your travel taste runs toward influencer-favorite spots like Lombok (find yourself a swing, ideally at sunset) or Bordeaux (with its honey-toned buildings, it’s the perfect backdrop for a photo session), perhaps you will find your ideal next vacation spot here. Bring a photographer, set up some shoots and maybe this time next year you’ll be repackaging your trip on an app like GoHype.

Or … just get a travel agent. We swear, they’re making a comeback.

Photos: PxHere; GoHype


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