This Cooktop Guarantees Perfect Medium-Rare Steaks, Every Time

If you can’t handle the heat … get this for your kitchen

January 4, 2017 9:00 am

Have you ever felt that cooking food was a cruel game of chance?

As in: How hot is too hot? When do I flip? Does that look done? What am I doing?

FirstBuild — the small-batch appliance division from GE — is setting out break cooking down to a science with its latest offering: the Paragon induction cooktop, a countertop device that gives home cooks precise temperature control.

It works through a Bluetooth-connected mat that sits on the cooktop and automatically adjusts itself to keep whatever you’re cooking at the perfect temperature, whether you’re sauteing veggies or cooking a steak, like so:

The cooktop is currently on IndieGogo — head on over for more info.

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