This Networking App Has Your Personal Information, Isn’t Afraid to Share It

Might want to change your privacy settings, like, yesterday

February 6, 2017 9:00 am

Ever meet someone important and need a little more info than what’s on their business card?

Us, too. Which is why there’s a place in our connected world for Findr.

The just-launched app allows you to type in an e-mail address and find someone’s social media footprint (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) instantly. So for better or worse, with Findr you can 1) Easily read up on a potential job applicant, 2) See how visible you are to potential recruiters/friends or 3) Freak out over the fact that, with just an e-mail address, somebody can access your entire digital footprint.

Creator Kenny Batista was thinking about reason #2 when he designed Findr. “I decided to create Findr … to make it easier to quickly find information on the go so that prospective interns could rapport with recruiters better,” he wrote on Product Hunt.

Batista also says there’s a web app is in the works.

Findr is currently free on iOS. Head on over to iTunes to give it a try yourself. 

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