The Most Wonderful, Impractical Tent on the Market Hails From Denmark

It was inspired by elves. Yes: elves.

January 5, 2018 9:00 am

The conical tent has been eschewed in recent decades in favor of prismatic, geodesic and domed alternatives that are, in a word, efficient. Modern campers want models that are easy to transport, erect and breakdown, and teepees simply are not that.

But, to invoke Tom Robbins, “Those who sacrifice beauty for efficiency get what they deserve.”

Nordisk’s Alfheim is an organic cotton teepee with some innovations that combine the best of both worlds. Like most teepees, it offers a lot of space (62 square feet), but it’s the ability to compartmentalize the interior with dividers that gives it literal dimension.

alfheim (4 images)

Each wall has a mosquito-net door, and the retractable roof can double as a skylight, stargazing portal or even a chimney. It’s that feature that gives the Alfheim its name, Danish for “Home of the Light Elves.” The cotton is spun with a tight weave, and they test every unit in a wind tunnel to ensure it can handle the elements.

So while the looks may remind you of something out of Tolkien, the technology is anything but.

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